The Spa

The ultimate in luxury, why not pamper yourself or your loved ones at the nature Spa, set on the Petanu river. Select from our extensive menu of Herbal wraps, Body treatments and Massages, or ask about our "Couple body treatments" in a beautiful flower bath.

Body Massage

Natura massage

This is different massage style. Individual muscles will be worked on using stimulating and kneading techniques. This massage will help to alleviate aches and painfully on the body. This massage will leave you feeling freshness for your next work-out!


This is balancing and calming. It works on energy lines to clear the body and mind in unison. You will have a choice of aromatherapy oils for this massage, which have different benefits. Some oils will leave you invigorated and others will leaves you calm and relaxed. Remember the oil like the most is always the one you need.

Anti-Stress Massage

This is specifically for the back neck and shoulders. A combination of all the techniques will be used to relieve the aces and take out the stress of every day life.

Foot Reflex Massage

This is massage is performed entirely on the feet concentrating on reflex points. As the reflexes are stimulated energy lines are cleared helping to stimulate and cleanse internal organs. Although this is not a diagnostic treatment you can be aware of weaknesses I your system. With regular treatments the body can be restored and balanced by receiving this massage.

Body Treatment


Traditionally this is a village remedy from the rice farmers in Indonesia. A combination 2 of warm spices is blended together and applied as a paste to the entire body. As the herb are working on relieving tired muscles and joints the therapist will massage the pressure points of the to stimulate internal organs. A bath is the taken to enhance the warmth of this treatment and a ginger drink will be served in your private bale.


Traditionally this is treatment comes from the Royal palaces of central Java. It is designed as a beauty treatment for brides before the get married. A massage will be given first then a yellow turmeric paste will be applied. This has an exfoliating effect on the skin to remove dead skin and make skin soft and supple. The skin is impregnated with a sweet smell of essential oils and then a shower is taken. To finish this exotic experience a bath will be filled wit fresh tropical flowers for the final indulgence.

Herbal Clay

Traditional cleansing herbs have been blended in a clay base to give this detoxifying treatment. As the powder dries on the body it will be drawing out toxins and water retention to leave you cleansed and refreshed.

Coconut Scrub

This coconut scrub will gently remove dead skin cells revealing a softer more supple texture. This recommended for dry skins for maximum benefit.

Tea Scrub

This tea scrub will function for taking up and drawing out dead skin cells to have visible soft and clear skin.

Herbal Compress

The herbal compress is used to eliminate aches and pains, ease muscle tension and relax tensed joints. Each compress contains herbs and other ingredients known for their medicinal and curative power such as lemon grass, turmeric, tamarind leaves, rock salt and kaffir lime.

Herbal Compress + Balinese Massage

Combination Balinese traditional massage with long strikes to relax and percussion techniques, herbal compress made more than 12 herb’s work together to rid your body of toxin through perspiration, improve circulation and respiratory functions, relax muscles, reduce stress, relieve allergy, brighten complexion and even stimulate weight loss.


This treatment is designed to groom the hands. Shaping the nails by treating the cuticles and leaving them with a healthy glow or polished if desired.


This treatment is designed to groom the feet. Shaping the nails by treating the cuticles and leaving them with a healthy glow or polished if desired.

Natural Balinese Facial

A facial which deeply cleanses the skin using, selected exfoliating for particular type. Aloe Vera or sea weed to rejuvenate, stimulate and refresh your face, neck, and shoulder.

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